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Run, jump, compete and enjoy like a child on our interactive floor!

Interactive floor Pixel Game

In ArcadeXP you can enjoy the famous floor is lava, with a technological arcade style! A floor full of colored tiles that, through combinations and game systems, offer you a physical, strategic and action-packed challenge.

It is suitable for all types of players and ages, the only important thing is to come loaded with energy for the high intensity, because Pixel Game is very easy to learn, but difficult to master, so you can come as many times as you want to play to be a true master!

You will have 60 minutes of experience, in which you will be able to play all the available games as many times as you want.

Ready to give it all?

*Edad mínima 7 años

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Choose the games you want during your time!

When you enter our space, you will have a tablet with several games available for you to choose from throughout the game, so you can try them all, repeat as many as you want and change whenever you feel like it! In each game you will see an explanatory video with the mechanics of the game and you will only have to enjoy your experience.

You will find collaborative games, in which you will have to work as a team to overcome the tests, and competitive games, where the competition and the laughs are guaranteed. Take a look at our catalog!

The Scanner

A collaborative game. Your goal is to step on ALL the BLUE tiles, but be careful! If you step on a RED tile you will lose a life. On the GREEN tiles you will always be safe.

There are 10 levels of 60 seconds each and you only have 5 lives!

Battle Royale

A game of elimination! The floor will turn GREEN, but when you step on a tile it will flash for a second and turn RED. This will result in fewer and fewer GREEN tiles.

The player who steps on a RED tile will be eliminated!

The Race

Each player must choose a color and place themselves on top of their corresponding tile. The goal is to turn off all the tiles of your color before your opponents.

The first to reach 4 wins is the winner!

Mole Hunters

Each player is placed in a GREEN area and cannot leave it. Around them, mole tiles will light up: stepping on a BLUE tile adds 1 point, stepping on a PINK tile adds 3 points, and stepping on a RED tile subtracts 3 points.

Whoever gets the most points wins the round!

What is the experience like?

Pixel Game combines physical, agility and skill tests. During the game you won't stop moving, running and jumping, which makes it a very fun and frenetic experience. Just gather your team and come with your batteries charged, you won't stop!

Yes, you won't stop! We recommend that you come with comfortable clothes and shoes.

A perfect activity for children, friends, couples and celebrations!

With its collaborative and competitive modes, its learning curve and its different levels, Pixel Game is a perfect experience for everyone. You won't stop laughing with your friends, strategizing together to beat the levels and competing against each other. Couples strengthen their bonds while making a different plan full of excitement, and children have a great time doing a physical activity full of light and color.

In addition, it is a perfect space for birthdays or celebrations. If you want to organize something special, do not hesitate to contact us and tell us your ideas.

You can write to info@experiencity.es or call us at 610 42 48 80

We are waiting for you at Calle Tomás Borrás 2!