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Your new arcade space in Madrid!

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Enjoy a new space of immersive arcade games that combines physical and skill tests, where you will run, laugh and live an unforgettable and frenetic experience. Just gather your team and come with your batteries charged, you won't stop!

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Run, jump, compete and enjoy like a child on our interactive floor!

Competitive or collaborative games, you choose!

In our Pixel Game, you will be able to choose from several games with different dynamics throughout your game: in some you will compete with your teammates to be the fastest or the last without being eliminated, and in others you will need to work together to overcome the different challenges.

You'll have 50 minutes in which jumping, laughing and competing with your friends to overcome all the levels is the only rule.

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The Scanner

This is a collaborative game. Your goal is to step on all the BLUE tiles to pass the level, but BEWARE! stepping on a RED tile means losing a life. In the GREEN areas, you will always be safe. There are ten 60-second levels and only 5 lives to complete them all. Will you be able to complete the game?

Battle Royale

This is an elimination game. The floor will light up GREEN, but when you step on a tile, it will flash for a second and turn RED. This will result in fewer and fewer GREEN tiles to step on. The first player to step on a RED tile will be eliminated. The game will restart until the last survivor is the winner. Will it be you?

Mole Hunters

In this game, the player with the most points is the winner. Each player is placed in a GREEN area and cannot leave it. Mole tiles will light up around them. Stepping on a BLUE mole scores 1 point. Stepping on a PINK mole adds 3 points. But be careful! Stepping on a RED mole will take away 3 points. Who will step on the most moles?

The Race

This is a competitive game and there can only be one winner. Each player must choose a color and stand on top of it. The goal is to turn off all the tiles of your color before your opponents. The first to reach 4 wins is the winner. Who will win?

Enter our ranking!

At ArcadeXP we want you to excel in every game! Every time you visit us and play our game "The Scanner", you will register your team name and enter the super ranking.

Your achievements will be measured and so, every time you visit us, you can try to beat the record!

You can also access the general ranking and see where you stand. And of course... you'll want to be on the Pixel Games podium!

Remember that you can come to our facilities and play as many times as you want, with whoever you want, we assure you that you will want to repeat!

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ArcadeXP games are designed for all audiences: come with friends, family, colleagues, first-timers, experts or anyone looking for new adventures. Your new different plan in Madrid will make you repeat!

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It's a perfect plan for all audiences!

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The little ones will have a great time!

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Have fun at birthdays and events!

New games at ArcadeXP

Stay tuned! We will announce new games soon.

Where are we located?

Calle Tomás Borrás, 4
28045, Madrid

Nearest metro station: Delicias
+34 610 42 48 80